The Truth Hurts.

I waited years after reconnecting with my alienated daughter, to tell her this true story. I thought telling her would help her understand, that I love her and why I was not there all the time. Instead she called me a liar.

my story



Love - I was in it. The way she moved, the way smiled and laughed was heaven. She drove a part of me, wild. I could never wait to see her again. Could she be the one?


The Ultimatum - She told me to go to Hell. She and my unborn child were leaving to Puerto Rico. I may end up in Hell, but I'm going to Puerto Rico, First! I said.


The Island - I landed on an island with a hundred dollars in my pocket and a suitcase in my hand. I left everything behind, in my home town SA. Because it was the right thing to do.


The Twist - she tried to stab me in the back with a kitchen knife, as I was walking to my car. I had just finished a freelance job, caligraphy for custom wedding invitations, for baby food.


The Kidnapping - She dropped the Child Support case where I would have gotten my rights as a Father, and fled with my daughter for thousands of miles.


The Ransom - The great state of Texas ignored the facts and turned a blind eye to the tatics of parental alienation. They take in the name of the best interest of the child.


The system is down.

I have been lied to, mislead & misinformed by the very system that should have protected my rights to be a father.
Justice delayed, is justice denied.

While I have discovered that my case was closed in 2014, they continued to garnish my paycheck, even my unemployment check. In 2014, I took a job, so I could pay regularly arrears for the period my child was kidnapped, what I call the ranson money. The money was not sent to my X, and in Oct. 2015, I started to get refunds from the County Clerk of Florida. The refunds ended shortly after I was on unemployment, they were still garnishing my unemplyment check. I have been informed today by the Interstate Rep. that she closed my case as of today. Still, my credit is destroyed, with an 18,000 debt. I postponed my dreams fo building a business, to get a regular job to comply, but with interest, it is an endless cycle. The original debt was 20,000 I've paid 14,129.00, but I still owe 18,023.84, you do the math. How is it, that destroying a loving father is in the best interest of my child?

The damage done to me can not be calculated. The loss of someone I love over a manifested debt by the courts. My daughters sense of entitlement to this money is unbearable, she insist that I was working under the table and has no idea, the fight I was in just to make rent, work pass health issues, and get back on my feet.

The state of Texas and the state of Florida, both, defended someone that tried to kill me, kidnapped my daughter, commited welfare fraud, lied by ommision on the court papers she filled, and in 2005, the last time I saw my daughter, she wasn't even living at home, the mother continued to collect child support fraudulently. But when I ask for advice, I'm told that they can't offer any legal advice, which they gave her freely.

The damage that weights heaviest on my heart, is the corruption of my daughter's value system. She would rather have the money than a relationship with her dad. She just turned 30, and just before Father's day she unfriended me. I think she found out that the case was closed an her opportunity to manipulate me with threats of lies, had passed. She simply assumed the worst, without ever questioning why I was behind. Below is a screen capture of a message she sent me on Facebook.


The most important thing to me, is buying back my freedom.

In 2000, My daughters mother, went to the State of Florida, with a pack of lies and half truths. The State of Texas quickly got me into court and in debt. No one cared about the facts. The more they took, the less I was able to see my baby girl a thousand miles away. And they took everything.

They determined that I owed not only child support but also arrears for the time she was kidnapped. I have paid off the Child Support. The arrears which accumulates interest, is back up to where I started, over twenty thousand, even though I have paid about seven thousand on it. Even today I run the risk of being entered into debtor's prison if I get sick, injuured or out of work again.

The attorney general has already frozen my checking account in the past. Then they tried to sieze my drivers license. No one cared that the debt was created on fraud, or while collecting the debt, additional fraud was manufacured by both private and government parties, like the IV-D agent that lied under oath.

The next most important thing to me is to see my daughter again, and to meet my grandsons. The only thing that my daughter cares about right now is colleting this debt. She feels entitled to be abusive, as she rationalizes her behavior with fairy tales of what a scumbag her father is. She has no idea how hard it has been to be her father.


The first step is not to be complacent. The next step is making a goal and the third, taking action.

For generations, we have remained silent.

The time for change has come, and it is now.



“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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